Upcoming Screenings – stay tuned for more info!

  • Albany Institute of History and Art  January 29, 2015
  • Kent Library, Carmel, NY
  • Art in General special presentation with The Armory Show March 6 – 7, 2015
  • Yale University


Talk about creativity and originality! The Lives of Hamilton Fish, a cinema rock opera from the multi-talented Rachel Mason, boasts all that and more. Mason wrote, directed,  composed the music, and stars in this independent gem that won Best Picture at the 2014 New England Underground Film Festival. Read more…

Review from Fanchild

Mason herself, as a character, is an everyperson imbued with great nervous vigilance and downplayed dread. As a performer, she shows remarkable expressive discipline yet conceptual adventurousness, a pillar of storytelling steadiness who can incarnate every furious, despairing, ethereal and doggedly cerebral character. Her musical palette both on and offscreen is impressive, from propulsive rock songs to unsettling ghostly ballads, from howling flute to chilling gusts of metal guitar to a great reality-bending use of auto-tune as instrument. Read more…